Mural - A Digital Whiteboard for Collaboration

Mural is a digital workspace tool for visual collaboration that offers whiteboards for meetings and workshops

German AI Startup Landscape

A centralized database of the leading German artificial intelligence startups from different industries

Lean Startup - Empowering Innovators

A methodology that helps to build successful businesses and innovative products fast through the iterative build-measure-learn cycle

Analysing Markets - TAM SAM SOM

A standardized and easy-to-use framework to estimate and calculate target market sizes for startups and business ideas

Despite being a favourite - Is Germany losing the race for industrial digitalisation?

Generate added value in your own company and exploit your digitalization potential by successfully implementing IIoT applications.

Towards a well-founded value proposition with the Value Proposition Canvas

Develop a sound value proposition for your business model with the Value Proposition Canvas

Compact business model creation with the Business Model Canvas

Present business ideas clearly and validate them in the first step, with the help of the Business Model Canvas.

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