Impact Lunch Talk: Circular Economy

Business challenges and opportunities of upcoming EU regulations19. July 2023
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"If you cluster it, there are five main circular business models. There is most probably even more but we are talking about the big five business models.” - Eva Vati

The circular economy can provide companies with new opportunities for innovation and differentiation, as well as help them build more resilient and sustainable supply chains. In Europe, upcoming regulations and initiatives, such as the Circular Economy Action Plan, will have many implications on businesses and will confront them with new challenges as well as opportunities.

In this session Melanie Kontonikolaou has Eva Vati as a guest. Eva Vati is CEO and Founder of VATI of Sweden and VERIFY Agency, which educate, verify and consult on how businesses become more sustainable. Eva will give us more insights in their upcoming module on Circular Economy, what will change with the upcoming regulations and how businesses can prepare themselves.

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