The Bitrock
Phase Model

Fast, data-driven decisions and efficient resource management: Our phase-based approach provides structure and guidance through a step-by-step process. This allows us to systematically reduce risk.
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Shared risk,
mutual success

Shared risk, mutual success

Where to play

We analyze your assets and market conditions and identify opportunities for new digital business models.
Searchfield definition
Asset analysis
Data-drive ideation
Market analysis
Competitor- and trend analysis
Defined concepts with clear potential

How to win?

We find the secret sauce. Through customer-focused validation and prototype development, we take it all the way to a successful market entry.
Customer validation
Feasibility assessment
Tech architecture design
Market sizing
Validated potential
Pricing / business model testing
Lightweight MVP
Leadcustomer acquisition
Business case
First traction KPIs

Seize the opportunity!

Prototypes and MVPs become full-fledged solutions that customers are willing to pay for. We accompany product scaling as part of the operational team.
Heavyweight MVP
Growth hacking
Team recruiting
Operations running
Organizational setup
with a clear path to product-market fit
We go all the way from concept to market launch and into growth. Economic success being our primary focus goes without saying, but what is special about our approach, is that we are willing to take on risk ourselves and tie our commission to clear metrics.