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24 Business model patterns to make an impact19. July 2023
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"Those patterns give you a structure to build your own business model. [...] You can use it as a skeleton and then add your resources, knowledge, and ideas to make it your own business model.” - Leon Seefeld

Most of the companies have realised that today being sustainable comes with a competitive advantage. It’s not any more a question of “If”, but rather of “how” to become more sustainable.

How can a company make a positive impact on society and the planet while making money? By analysing more than 500 organisations Leon and his co-founder came up with 24 business model patterns.

In this session Melanie Kontonikolaou has Leon Seefeld from as a guest. Leon shared some insights in the patterns they found as well as their work with to support companies in developing net-positive business models that generate positive social change and profitably fit the core business.

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