par excellence for a medium-sized luminaire manufacturer.
Core OfferingCompany Building
IndustryLighting industry
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plusMonths for turnkey Company
plusPeople in Operational Team
plusManufacturers on the platform

Project description

Our partner from the lighting industry sees itself and its offline industry under extreme pressure from internet giants such as Amazon. Due to a lack of digital expertise and human resources, our partner's previous efforts to build and establish an online store have not been successful.

That is why we have designed and built an overarching platform solution as a one-stop service and with minimal influence on our partner's core business. Manufacturers can build up their online presence there in a controlled and efficient manner, offer products directly, determine the prices themselves and handle shipping individually.


  • Definition of strategic positioning, business model and value proposition of the e-commerce platform

  • Tailor-made digital platform designed from the ground up to ensure maximum alignment with the value proposition

  • Establishment of the company, including contracts, terms and conditions and trademark registration

  • Dedicated team including CEO, CMO and CTO established

  • Operational management of Bitrock handed over to the team​