Transparency on the Swiss insurance market
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Project description

The insurance market is complex, non-transparent and not customer-centric. In addition, insurance companies are confronted with the change that people are increasingly looking online for information when choosing suitable insurance – but the price is not always the most important thing.

That's why Marc Mielmann, Managing Director of Bitrock, has built the digital insurance platform At bfox, customers are advised online which insurances make sense and are necessary for them – neutral and individual. In addition, you will receive suitable product offers or contacts to the consultants for a deepening. With this award-winning business model, we help insurance companies shorten the consulting process and scale their business.


  • Development digital customer test specimen and innovative demand checks for an individual needs analysis

  • Built up detailed product database for the Swiss market

  • Development intelligent "matching algorithm“ to identify the best insurance products for customers

  • Setup independent startup with operational team

  • Multi-channel approach for an efficient consulting process.