End-to-end D2C venture creation: from ideation to carve-out
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plusMio € cumulated EBITDA
plusT Leads
plus% Sales Growth

Our client, a leading PE-owned manufacturer of agricultural equipment wear parts, wanted to diversify its offline and production-driven business model. The common goal was to leverage existing resources and generate group-wide digital value by tapping into new customer groups and monetization models. With a focus on speed and resource efficiency, we designed, validated, built and successfully scaled a D2C e-commerce venture in the lawn industry.

In phase 1, we gathered data-driven and user-centric insights and analyzed trends and markets to develop the business model including an implementation plan. In the second phase, we developed and launched a fully functional MVP platform including a scalable fulfillment system and robust customer support mechanisms within 6 weeks. In the third phase, we steadily developed the MVP and portfolio and condensed all live insights into a data-driven business case. This case formed the basis for investment considerations and secured funding for a carve-out continuation. Subsequently, we completed the carve-out including organizational & governance setup and handover to the co-founder team within 6 weeks.


  • Built D2C E-commerce MVP within 6 weeks which enabled fulfillment of over 3,300 products within 3 months.

  • Established a brand and platform that our customers love (1500+ orders, 300 reviews with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars)

  • Developed a business case & scalable operating model for a spin-off company

  • Secured funding from the corporate group for carve-out and subsequent scaling

  • Built the carve-out & governance setup, successor onboarding, and venture handover.