Sustainable service offering
with digital business models for an international airport
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Project description

With the change from so-called manual processes of Airport 1.0 to digital Airport 4.0 with digitized processes and more efficient use of space, the range of services at airports has changed significantly. In recent years, our partner has only been able to build up the necessary mindset and skills for digital solutions to a limited extent. Therefore, one of the largest German airports was looking for a partner who would drive forward the development of new digital business models and support them in their implementation.

As part of the project, we made recommendations for the development of an innovation portfolio for our customer, formulated concrete service offers and showed the next steps from iterative customer validations to prototypes. Based on existing assets, potential business areas with high customer needs were jointly evaluated and identified. As a result, areas at the airport have been transformed into co-working spaces, community services, innovation labs and for generating customer insights using new digital business models. For this purpose, uncovered business areas (white spots) on the market side with demand clusters consisting of customer interviews and competitive analyses had to be identified.


  • Brainstorming, evaluating and prioritizing 10+ business ideas

  • 10+ customer interviews for conceptualization and validation

  • Identification of 4 core assets

  • Determination of 13 demand topic blocks, 2 of them with very high demand

  • Benchmarking and role analysis of international competition

  • Establishment of new digital business models for more efficient use of space