Startup scouting
as an enabler for new partnerships with leading engineering division in the automotive sector
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Project description

The change to new engines and the digitalization of business models is also affecting the engineering divisions of large automotive suppliers. Our customer also recognized this and wanted to develop new business models and expand its strategic focus through partnerships with startups.

In just two weeks, we were able to help our client with in-depth analyses of promising startups. First, we defined the strategic alignment of our client, identified relevant growth areas, and defined the classification parameters for startup scouting based on a framework we developed. Using an innovative SW tool, we categorized over 10,000 startups, created a longlist based on defined parameters, and then prioritized them to a shortlist of 30 best matches. Finally, we analyzed the 10 most promising startups with the greatest impact for the customer in depth and backed them up with sound recommendations for action and collaboration potential.


  • Analysis of the existing strategy and preferred growth areas of our client as well as classification of the parameters for startup scouting

  • Analysis of more than 500 startups in the classification process

  • In-depth analysis of 30 selected startups

  • Prioritization of 10 startups with sound recommendations for action for our partner