New digital business fields
for an automotive supplier for a successful future in the automotive industry.
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Project description

The automotive industry is on the move. New competitors, technologies and regulations are forcing us to rethink and develop new solutions in order not to lose touch with the digital future. This was also recognized by a German automotive supplier that wants to set a new strategic focus through digital business models. 

In a joint project, we developed a decision template and validation plan for a low-risk implementation of digital use cases in just 1.5 months. In a first step, all already identified use cases are developed uniformly according to a framework defined by us. Dimensions such as customer segment, problem, solution, impact and resource requirements were defined. As part of ideation workshops, we identified further use cases and business potentials together with the customer. In a next step, these were analyzed using suitable prioritization methods and evaluated for impact, attractiveness and feasibility. Finally, a draft decision and a detailed plan for the further course of action were drawn up. At the end of the project, 3 use cases were transferred to the validation phase.


  • Elaboration and structuring of more than 15 existing use cases

  • Identification of new use cases and fields of innovation for automotive manufacturers and other customer segments

  • Evaluation and prioritization of use cases based on feasibility, impact and attractiveness

  • Decision template for the management including concrete next steps for the validation of the most promising use cases