House Building Venture-as-a-Service
From pilot to operational venture in 12 weeks for a leading processor of plastics
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Project description

Together with our client, we built a digital venture to bring ease to the world of house building. For this purpose, an AI-supported matching platform was developed, which suggests suitable floor plans, building styles, and building partners based on the needs of house builders. This provides a new channel for construction companies to generate high-quality customer profiles and offer their services to the market. The digital solution significantly simplifies and accelerates the house building process for house builders and construction companies. This has been confirmed by the quality of the B2C leads and the further increase in the number of construction partners.

Together with our client, and with the help of a slim product, we successfully validated the business model and developed an MVP. For the operational setup of the venture team and the development of the product, a roadmap was set up and successfully realized. Bitrock provided an interim Co-Founder as CEO and a Product & Marketing Manager during the collaboration and supported in recruiting processes to build the internal venture team. Within only one year, a digital venture in the construction industry was successfully set up together with the client and spun out with eight employees. The venture was handed over completely to a permanent founding team.


  • Interim Co-Founder and Product & Marketing Manager hired to build operational venture

  • AI-powered matching algorithm developed to digitize the home building planning process

  • 5 B2B-customers acquired during the development phase

  • Independent venture with operational team built and spun out

  • Operational management of Bitrock handed over to the team