Realignment of a corporate incubator
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The incubator of a family-run group develops smart digital business models and hands over the developed prototypes and market-ready businesses to the parent company. However, the original speed and agility - particularly important for digital business models - was usually lost in this handover.​

In cooperation with the G+D, we have expanded the scope of the incubator by designing and introducing a traction unit. Thereby, we were able to significantly optimize and accelerate the transfer phase to the parent company. In addition, through flexible and long-term support of the incubator, we have implemented new methods for the ideation, validation and implementation of business models and jointly developed new business models.​


  • Existing processes analyzed in detail to identify inefficiencies, blockers and other weak points

  • Tasks of the incubator expanded by designing and introducing a new transition phase

  • Structured and gradual integration of new business models into the group ensured with minimal distraction​

  • Financial risk of handover minimized by flexible staffing and ensuring the required expertise