Digital Ecosystem in Construction
for a successful future in construction of a leading Construction Machinery OEM
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Project description

The construction industry is facing a radical change due to increasing technological possibilities, disruptive newcomers and historical inefficiencies. In recent years, our customer has only been able to build up the necessary mindset and skills for digital products to a limited extent. Therefore, he was looking for a partner who formulates the digital sales strategy, drives its implementation and supports the company in this process.

In this end-to-end project, we took overall control of a division-wide initiative to identify and realize new digital revenues while building up the necessary know-how. We played a key role in the development, implementation and roll-out of a health and performance monitoring solution. Previously, after a thorough analysis, we established a data-driven modular platform based on IoT as a digital vision, validated several product concepts including business models with customers and designed the required IT architecture. At the same time, we have always involved the entire organization and relevant stakeholders and created momentum and a new readiness for digital change at the strategic and operational level.


  • Brainstorming, evaluating and prioritizing 50+ business ideas

  • Establishing a digital ecosystem as a common vision

  • 40+ customer interviews for conceptualization and validation

  • Product concept and backlog with 150+ features

  • Acquisition of 10 lead customers for co-creation including purchase intentions
    Successful investment pitch incl. financial modelling & go-to-market