Agile transformation XXL
Change in culture, structures and working methods for a leading Swiss pharmaceutical company
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Project description

At the beginning of the cooperation, our partner, one of the world's leading Swiss companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, is already regarded as a pioneer in terms of modern working methods across all industries. In order to adapt more quickly as an organization to changing framework conditions, to implement innovations more efficiently, and to put their customers even more in the foreground, our partner has initiated a comprehensive transformation project. A significant challenge was the simultaneous adaptation of organizational structures, operating model and corporate culture across all business areas.

A central component of our project was the establishment and promotion of agile working methods. Against this background, one focus was on the development and implementation of an onboarding concept to prepare for the transformation of 17 business areas, which are controlled decentrally by 23 transformation managers. Among other things, we have developed and rolled out numerous supporting resources and tools, as well as new workshop concepts, implementation plans and measures.


  • Digital dashboard developed to manage and assess the agile maturity and global progress of transformation

  • Implementation plan created for each relevant target group including >15 activities for the implementation of the strategic core topics

  • Modular workshop concept including roll-out strategy for adapting behaviors and thought patterns of over 35,000 employees developed

  • Built and lead a global enterprise-wide network of transformation managers and coaches to share best practices