Impact Lunch Talk: Decarbonization

Strategies to become net zero19. July 2023
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“Decarbonization is probably the largest trend I can think of right now. Many new Startups follow this topic and I think it is also the task of our generation to take the business models that have been fueled by growth and make them more sustainable.“ - Finn Wentzler

With regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the increasing expectations of consumers and investors, companies are increasingly pressured to disclose and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Companies were fast to communicate sustainability-centred marketing claims and ambitious net 0 goals. Now, it is time to turn ambition into action. It is time to develop effective decarbonization strategies, which not only reduce emissions but also create a competitive advantage. Easier said than done.

In this session Melanie Kontonikolaou has Finn Wentzler, Head of Partnerships at Global Changer, as a guest. Finn explains different decarbonization strategies, the biggest challenges, and low-hanging fruits for companies to accelerate decarbonization. Global Changer helps companies to reach net zero with a decarbonization platform to manage and successfully reduce emissions.

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