We work at the edge of modern business and technology, leveraging our experience and network to boost your revenue.

Our "Bitrock Phase Framework" helps us and you to structure this process.


During the process, we can collaborate in different ways with your organization - from a very close co-creation process to a more independent setup, where we more or less work on our own in a "secured environment".
We'd love to discuss the different options with you.

The Bitrock Phase Framework

1. Where to play

We research the market as well as competition and analyze already existing assets to identify the most promising business areas and ideas for you.

Done with:
Leading machinery OEM
→ read the case study

2. How to win

We transform ideas into prototypes, test them against the market for real proof of concept, and derive your business plan for further investment decisions.

Done with:
Leading construction machinery OEM
→ read the case study

3. Seize the opportunity

We actually build productive digital products and units. From MVP to growth. Agile and lean.

Done with:
Giesecke + Devrient
→ read the case study

Digital Due Dilligence

Since we have digged extremely deep in so many markets, while being experts on basically all digital fields, helping during an M&A process with a strong digital Due Dilligence feels natural to us.


Startup Scouting

We know the current trends as well as existing and upcoming startups. In addition, we are closely connected to the German startup eco-system. You are considering to collaborate with young ambitious companies? Talk to us in order to find out how we can help you in the process.


Entrepreneurial Co-Creation

Besides our very operative consulting and implementation approach, we always love to join projects, where we act as co-entrepreneurs and take some of the risks from your shoulders.

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