As a digital business builder, we specialize in founding innovative companies, combining methods from the start-up world with the valuable experience and resources of established companies to realize successful innovation projects. Both in our internal meetings as well as in meetings and workshops with customers, we use several tools and applications that enable a smooth digital collaboration.

One such solution is Mural. Mural is a digital whiteboard on which many people can work together simultaneously in workshops or meetings. This whiteboard is enriched with several useful functions, enabling many possible use cases. Essentially, Mural transfers all activities from physical meetings utilizing canvases, pinboards, flipcharts, pens, sticky notes and moderation cards into the virtual world. The Mural Whiteboards can be used in many ways: In our experience, they are suitable for creative brainstorming sessions as well as for group tasks, for gathering information or as virtual warm-ups. Strategy and planning meetings can also be conducted or supported by Mural.

In the following, we will introduce the main features: In essence, you can create virtual, colourful sticky notes, label them and distribute them on the whiteboard. It is possible to work on plain white whiteboards, to use a variety of existing templates like the Business Model Canvas or to create own frameworks and templates. For this purpose, texts, images, icons, external sources such as videos or even handwritten drawings can be inserted. Another exciting feature allows participants to share their LinkedIn profiles on the whiteboard so that you can get an immediate overview of other workshop participants.

Mural also offers other useful features for using the whiteboards:

  • Chat feature with other workshop participants
  • Comment feature
  • Presentation mode
  • Integrated timer and voting tool
  • "Summon" feature, which ensures that all participants see the same content
  • Integrated calls and voice recording

In general, different groups of people can collaborate through Mural: internal team members, guests and anonymous users. Access is provided to participants either by email or via direct links to the individual whiteboards or dedicated virtual meeting rooms.

Mural currently offers several pricing options that differ in terms of functionality and team size. Also, the tool can be tested free of charge for 30 days.

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