The incubator of a family-run corporate group develops smart digital business models, later handing the prototypes and market-ready businesses over to the parent company. However, the speed and agility of the original digital business models were frequently lost during this transition.

In cooperation with the corporate group, we expanded the incubator's scope of activities by designing and introducing a traction unit which was able to significantly optimize and accelerate the handover phase to the parent company. In addition, by providing flexible and long-term support to the incubator, we taught additional methods for generating, validating and implementing business models and jointly developed new business models.


  • Performed detailed analysis of the existing handover process to identify inefficiencies, blockers and other weaknesses.
  • Expanded the incubator's area of responsibility through the conception and introduction of a new transition phase.
  • Ensured a structured and gradual integration of new business models into the Group with minimal distraction.
  • Minimized the financial risk of handover through flexible staffing while ensuring the availability of required expertise.

Our Impact


new unit to ensure the successful integration of new business models


weeks for the conception and introduction of the Traction Unit


Months from traction unit foundation to first digital product launch

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