Insurance companies are predominantly bound to technical experts regarding the processing of claims. On the one hand, this leads to high workload and costs for the insurance companies and, on the other hand, to long waiting times for customers in the processing of claims.

In cooperation with the ETH Zurich, we have designed the app solution CASALVA, which significantly improves the claims processing for insurance companies. Customers can simply report damages via smartphone and document them independently. They receive immediate feedback with information regarding the approval and further process. Image recognition allows damages to be recorded and classified fully automatically, which streamlines the processing for the insurance companies.


  • Developed a deep-learning software for the recognition of semantics, material and damage size.
  • Established an extensive database for the recording and evaluation of damage (Big Data).
  • Tested MVPs with several major building insurance companies.
  • Constantly adapted the technology to customer requirements.

Our Impact


months for the first MVP


damage claims can be processed simultaneously


minutes for damage documentation via App

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